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Server Rules

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You must follow these rules below at all times when connected to the server.

  • Random Deathmatching
    Randomly killing a player without any reason behind it when there is no active war is punishable. Keep the community friendly, do not attack players without a reason. Testing how much damage your weapon does on another player isn't a valid reason. You must warn a player at least once to leave your territory before shooting.
    Punishments: Adminjail or warning. Mass-RDM is a bannable offense.

  • Teamkilling
    Do not purposely attack players on your team or aid an enemy team whatsoever. Carjacking players and deliberately blocking players on your team is also considered teamkilling.
    Punishments: Adminjail, warning or kick.

  • Powergaming
    Powergaming is acting unrealistically or in a unfair way during roleplay situations. An example of powergaming would be roleplaying that your character kicks multiple armed soldiers in the groin while at gunpoint to escape the situation.
    Another form of powergaming would be forcing roleplay on a player, by not allowing them to reply to your actions. Roleplaying or preparing a roleplay with a player that is currently AFK would be powergaming.
    Punishments: Adminjail or warning.

  • Safezones
    You are not allowed to provoke, kidnap/rob or kill players in safezones. The locations covered by this rule are:
    ▬ Nearby or inside faction bases.
    ▬ Nearby or inside hospitals
    ▬ Civilian spawn camp
    Punishments: Adminjail or warning.

  • Bug abusing
    Abusing any SA-MP and/or gamemode bugs is not tolerated whatsoever. If it's a gamemode bug, report it correctly on the forums. This also counts for abusing animations ingame. Crouching to cancel default animations during a shootout is also considered bug abuse. Quick-scrolling to avoid reloading is fine.
    Punishments: 1-14 day account ban

  • Advertising
    Advertising other SA-MP servers ingame or on the forums will not be tolerated and your ingame and forum account will be banned.
    Punishments: Permanent account ban.

  • Kidnapping & Robbery
    Read the following rules; Powergaming & Safezones. You may only steal $500 from a player during a robbery. Players with their weapons visually equipped on hand may shoot you without roleplay if you attempt to kidnap and/or rob them.
    Punishments: Adminjail or warning.

  • Raids & Wars
    You cannot advertise a raid or war unless you are the highest ranked member ingame. You cannot call a raid or war on a faction currently doing activity, such as training session, debriefing or a non-hostile operation. You need a valid reason to advertise a war, you may call war on a faction who recently raided you. You may only advertise a raid once every 10 minutes. An admin may stop a war or raid at anytime.
    Punishments: Adminjail or warning.

  • KOS Zones
    KOS stands for kill on sight and the definition is self explanatory. All bases are KOS for non-allied members unless clearly stated by a high ranked member of that faction. You may occupy an area and advertise KOS for that area (not the surroundings) if area not listed in safezones.
    Punishments: False KOS will fall under RDM.

  • Chain of Command
    You must always follow the chain of command, not doing so will be considered as powergaming. Refusing to follow the orders from higher ranked players will be failing the chain of command.
    Punishments: Adminjail, kick or warning

  • Suicide to avoid death
    Deliberately killing yourself by jumping off a cliff, using /kill and/or quitting the game to avoid being killed by another player is not allowed.
    Punishments: Adminjail, kick or warning

  • Disgusting Roleplay
    There are commands for players who'd like textual roleplay, however roleplaying with these commands in a offensive or totally disgusting manner isn't accepted.
    ▬ Rape
    ▬ Cannibalism
    ▬ Pedophilia
    ▬ Bestiality
    ▬ Necrophilia
    ▬ Dismemberment
    ▬ Sexual harassment
    Punishments: Adminjail, kick or warning. Varied on situation, offense may be bannable.

  • Abusive or Offensive Language
    Insulting other members' family members, sexual preference or religious beliefs are strictly forbidden. Keep it friendly. We are aware that players may enter a heated discussion where insults might be used and as a result we do not deal with minor reports that involved such minor offenses. Just remain mature and know the limits.
    Punishments: Adminjail, kick or warning. Varied on situation, offense may be bannable.

  • Spamming
    Sending 3 or more of the message in a short period of time is considered spamming. This applies for all chat and command functions i.e; /duel, /pm etc.
    Punishments: Adminjail, kick or warning. Varied on situation, offense may be bannable.
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