Midnight Violence

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Midnight Violence

Post by Whiskey on Mon Oct 09, 2017 9:57 pm

Midnight Violence is a ruthless, violent, highly organized and neon-fueled criminal organization based in San Fierro; however, they primarily operate in the central areas and with ties across the state, it is believed the organization has the keys to the city. Unlike your standard and typical organizations, they aren't connected by nationality, race or religious beliefs. They are involved in in numerous criminal activities such as drug trafficking, arms dealing, bombing, murder, kidnapping, political corruption, smuggling, extortion and hooliganism.

In the beginning, Midnight Violence were an unknown loosely knit gang of criminals performing residential burglary, grand theft auto and deadly assault. Despite the informal structure, they had came to be one of the most ruthless gangs in central San Fierro. Police authorities released a public statement June 2009 upon catching infamous criminal Oscar Brody, who was wanted for the murder of SFPD Officer James Ferguson and was allegedly affiliated with the gang. Ferguson was found dead in Hashbury Park wrapped up in a white sheet and had thirty-four stab wounds and three gunshot wounds.

The investigation involving James Ferguson's death was closed after Brody's sentencing and Midnight Violence didn't have any unwanted police attention. The gang progressively evolved and eventually became a threat to both law enforcement agencies and other underworld organizations.

In 2013, four years after Oscar Brody's sentencing, Midnight Violence managed to remain relevant in the underworld, even with the vast majority of competition. They were a new wave and outaged most of their rivals without taking any casualties due to their professional style of action. They primarily used espionage tactics to eliminate their rivals. Old gangs were replaced with new but most of the new gangs were merely shadowing their preceders, which made it an easy game for the Midnight Violence gang. It was recognized that large portions of recruitments were made from these smaller gangs, they felt forced to migrate in order to survive.
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