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  • 1. Deathmatching
    An example of deathmatching would be killing a player without any valid roleplay reason behind it.
    Maccer calls Dwayne's mother a rude name and Dwayne responds by putting a bullet in Maccer's face.
    Maccer and Dwayne get into a vehicle accident. Maccer is furious about the damage and empties his AR into Dwayne.
    Maccer, a non-smoker see's Dwayne smoking and starts punching him without warning.
    Unnecessary provoking is also forbidden. Do not intentionally cause trouble with players you had no quarrel with prior.
    Punishments: Adminjail or warning. Mass-DM is a bannable offense.

  • 2. Powergaming
    Powergaming is acting unrealistically or in a unfair way during roleplay situations. An example of powergaming would be roleplaying that your character kicks multiple officers in the groin while being restrained to escape the situation.
    Another form of powergaming would be forcing roleplay on a player, by not allowing them to reply to your actions. Roleplaying or preparing a roleplay with a player that is currently AFK would be powergaming.
    Punishments: Adminjail or warning.

  • 3. Metagaming
    Metagaming is when you use out-of-character information in-character. Encouraging someone to metagaming is also prohibited.
    Maccer reads Dwayne's out-of-character nametag and acts like he knows Dwayne in-character.
    Maccer contacts Dwayne via out-of-character functions to assist him at a specific location.
    Dwayne changes his initial plans and responds to Maccer's out-of-character message in-character.
    Maccer knows Dwayne is Jewish in-real-life and uses this to attack his non-Jewish character (read rule 11).
    This also includes Revengekill. Revengekilling is when you return to the area of death or initiate a fight or argument with the player(s) that previously killed you.
    Punishments: Adminjail or warning. Varied on situation, offense may be bannable.

  • 4. Illegal Modifications
    Any modifications that give you an advantage over other players are strictly forbidden. If you are unsure whether a modification is illegal, contact an administrator and get confirmation before installing. If you believe or have evidence that another player is using an illegal modification, you must report the player accordingly or contact an admin.
    Punishments: Bannable offense.

  • 5. Safezones
    Do not commit any felonies in highly populated areas without a sufficient roleplay reason or in areas that would be absurdly unrealistic. If the roleplay initiated elsewhere, you may resume it without having permission but you will need evidence to support your case if reported.
    Locations (inside and nearby) covered by this rule are:
    Government Buildings
    Police Headquarters / Stations
    Casinos (owners and associates excluded)
    Hospitals / Fire Dept Headquarters
    SF Prison (inmates excluded)
    Punishments: Adminjail or warning. Varied on situation, offense may be bannable.

  • 6. Bug abusing
    Abusing any SA-MP and/or gamemode bugs is not tolerated whatsoever. If you find a gamemode bug, report it correctly on the forums.
    Repeatedly jumping to travel around faster.
    Using animations to avoid damage, no-clipping inside walls or gaining infinite oxygen.
    Crouching to cancel default animations during a shootout is also considered bug abuse.
    Quick-scrolling to avoid reloading.
    Punishments: Bannable offense.

  • 7. Advertising
    Advertising other SA-MP servers ingame or on the forums will not be tolerated and your ingame and forum account will be banned. Using any method to lure players to abandon the server also falls under this rules. 
    Punishments: Bannable offense.

  • 8. Kidnapping & Robbery
    To be added.
    Read the following rules; 2, 5 and 9.
    Punishments: Adminjail or warning.

  • 9. Suicide to avoid roleplay
    Deliberately killing yourself by jumping off a cliff, using /kill and/or quitting the game to avoid interaction from another player is not allowed. It is also prohibited to change name or character kill yourself if other player(s) have intention to interact with you.
    Punishments: Adminjail, kick or warning

  • 10. Disgusting Roleplay
    Any disturbing roleplay requires permission OOC permission from all parties involved and must be held in a private area. All participants have the option to abandon the roleplay immediately at any time they want, regardless of prior agreements.
    Sexual harassment
    Punishments: Adminjail, kick or warning. Varied on situation, offense may be bannable.

  • 11. Abusive or Offensive Language
    Insulting other players, family members, sexual preference or religious beliefs is strictly forbidden. It's common online users often enter heated discussions and insults might be used and as a result we do not deal with minor reports that involved such minor offenses. This does not green-light players to have a toxic attitude, antagonist players may be banned.
    Punishments: Adminjail, kick or warning. Varied on situation, offense may be bannable.

  • 12. Spamming
    Sending 3 or more of the message in a short period of time is considered spamming. Repeatedly sounding your vehicle horn to annoy players also falls under this rule. This applies for all chats, vehicle functions and commands.
    Punishments: Adminjail, kick or warning. Varied on situation, offense may be bannable.

  • 13. Account Rules
    Account Sharing: You are not allowed to share your ingame or forum account(s) with other members of the community.
    Account Marketing: It is strictly forbidden to buy or sell your account or any ingame items your character has.
    Famous Names: You are not allowed to use famous character names, such as celebrities or television characters.
    Account Mixing: It is not allowed to share items or character knowledge between any of your accounts.
    Ban Evading: You are not allowed to use other accounts whilst there is an active IP ban on any of your current accounts.
    It will lead to all your accounts being banned and obviously lower the chances of the original ban being lifted.
    Punishments: Bannable offense.
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