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Forum Rules

Post by Whiskey on Wed Mar 09, 2016 8:01 am


You must follow these rules below at all times when connected to the forum.

  • Foreign language in public boards
    Do not speak foreign language in public boards or chatbox. English is our primary language. You can use private sections or private messages.

  • No flaming or insulting other members
    Do not insult or cause a flame war with others players. If you are caught flaming or insulting, you will be banned.

  • No adult content on public boards
    Do not post any adult content on public boards. You can use private sections or private messages.

  • No illegal content on any boards
    Do not post illegal content on this forum. You may use private sections or chats either.

  • Do not share your forum account
    Do not share your account with anyone, it's your account and yours only.

  • No server advisering
    Do not advise other SA-MP servers on this board, including on private boards/messages.
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